Light Barriers to Imports

Policy Information

Government Agency(s)/Competent Authority

Authorized Government Agency(s): 

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA)

Agency(s) Contact Information: 

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food 
Vice-Ministry of Food Safety and Regulations Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food
Department of Organic Agriculture and Native Resources (DAO) 
7a. Avenida 12-90 zona 13
edificio Monja Blanca
Phone: (502) 2413-7000

Organic Regulations and/or Standards

Name(s) of Regulation and/or Standard: 

2009: No. 21-2009 Governmental Agreement Amendments to Regulation Organic Internal Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock And Food Content in Number 278-98 of Governmental Agreement dated 20 May 1998

2008: Ministerial Agreement No. 400-2008 Manual for the Evaluation and Inspection Certification Systems Organic Producers Group

2007: Ministerial Decree 652-2007 MAGA created the Organic Agriculture Division (DAO) under the Vice-Ministry of Food Safety and Regulations (VISAR) that together with the National Quality System (OGA) within the Ministry of Economy would become the Accreditation Organisms for Organic Agriculture in Guatemala. MAGA and OGA evaluate and certify the agencies that extend certifications to organic producers.
2005: Criteria for Accreditation Production Agencies Certification Organic

2002: Governmental Decree No. 1317-2002 created the Technical Manual for Organic Agriculture in Guatemala.

1999: Decree 1173-99 created the National Commission for Ecological Agriculture (Comisión Nacional para la Agricultura Ecológica – CNAE.)

Guatemala has a National Strategic Plan for 2013-2023.

Date of Implementation: 


Imported Products Requirements

Imported Products: 

All imports and exports of organic products must be shipped with an organic certification extended by an approved certifying agency.

Additional Information

Reference Standards: 

Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, plus Panama and the Dominican Republic are benchmarking their standards to a regional organic standard - the Central America Regional Standard. August 2016 these regional standards were put before the World Trade Organization for comment.

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