Light Barriers to Imports

Policy Information

Government Agency(s)/Competent Authority

Authorized Government Agency(s): 

Unit of Organic Agriculture at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (MAFWM)

Agency(s) Contact Information: 

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (MAFWM)
Unit of Organic Agriculture

Organic Regulations and/or Standards

Name(s) of Regulation and/or Standard: 

Law on Organic Agriculture - Law Nr. 01-1006/2 (web site with downloads, in English)

Date of Implementation: 


Regulation and/or Standard Scope: 

The Law lays down production of agricultural products in organic agriculture, their processing, labeling, packaging, storing and transportation as well as other issues of relevance for the organic agriculture. A revision is in progress. Products of organic agriculture, in terms of this Law, are products of plant and animal origin obtained by organic agriculture methods, as follows: 1) Unprocessed products of plant and animal origin, 2) Processed plant and livestock products intended for human consumption, i.e., foodstuffs, prepared from one or more components of plant or animal origin, 3) Animal feed and animal feed components.

Imported Products Requirements

Imported Products: 

Imported products must meet prescribed requirements as regards production, processing, storing and transportation.

"The import of certified products from organic agriculture can be granted only from those
producers that meet the requirements prescribed, i.e., that are registered in European Union Member
States and that are under control of the competent organ.
 With an exception from the indent 2 of this Article, the competent organ can allow the import
of products from organic agriculture and other producers when established that regulations, standards,
production, processing, storing, transportation and surveillance that the exporting country applies are
at least equivalent to the regulations of the Republic of Montenegro (hereinafter referred to as: the
Republic) and that at least equivalent consumers’ protection is guaranteed."

Certification and Accreditation


The list of authorized legal persons (certifier) is published in the Official Journal of the Republic of Montenegro. The producer can hire a foreign legal person (certifier) for certification of his products with the prior approval of the competent authority. The competent authority is obliged to check whether the foreign competent authority authorized the foreign legal person (certifier) to issue certificates for products of organic agriculture. During 2006, the National Agency for Certification and Control of Organic Produce, Monteorganica, founded by the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management in 2005, issued its first organic certificate in Montenegro.

Accreditation Method: 



The accreditation body of Montenegro: established by the Government of Montenegro as an independent, non-profit institution.

Additional Information

Reference Standards: 

Standards written in accordance with EU Regulation 2092/91 (now 834/2007)

Additional Information: 

A revision is in progress.


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