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Policy Information

Government Agency(s)/Competent Authority

Authorized Government Agency(s): 

Agency(s) Contact Information: 

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche Maritime) 
Office National de la Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits Alimentaires (ONSSA) 
Avenue Haj Ahmed Cherkaoui- Agdal-Rabat- Morocco 
Phone: (212-5) 37 67 65 00/ 
Fax: (212-5) 37 68 20 49 

Organic Regulations and/or Standards

Name(s) of Regulation and/or Standard: 

The legal framework for organic products is Dahir No. 1-12-66 4 Rabii I 1434 (16 January 2013) promulgating Law No. 39-12 relating to organic production of agricultural and aquatic products, published law # 39-12 in the Official Bulletin #6128. 

Date of Implementation: 


Regulation and/or Standard Scope: 

The law # 39-12 regulates production, processing, marketing, and labeling of organic products. To apply for organic product labeling, producers have to file a request 
(cahier des charges) to a national commission. Among other measures, the new law bans genetically engineered (GE) content from being use in the entire production process.

Imported Products Requirements

Imported Products: 

Imported organic products should comply with the following: 

  • The exporting country’s organic production process and control system are equivalent to that of Morocco. 
  • The competent authority of the exporting country certifies that organic products comply with its domestic requirements, which are equivalent to that of Morocco.

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