Light Barriers to Imports

Policy Information

Government Agency(s)/Competent Authority

Authorized Government Agency(s): 

Food Safety Authority

Agency(s) Contact Information: 

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority
PO Box 383 N-2381 Brumunddal, Norway

Telephone: (+47) 23 21 68 00
Fax (+47) 23 21 68 01

Organic Regulations and/or Standards

Name(s) of Regulation and/or Standard: 

Regulations on the Production and Labeling of Organic Agricultural Products (website; in Norwegian)

Organic aquaculture production in Norway is covered in Regulation No 879 of 7 July 2015 on organic aquaculture production and labelling of organic aquaculture products.

The national regulation is in accordance with the EU regulation for organic aquaculture production, and will be repealed as soon as the EU regulations are incorporated into the EEA Agreement (Regulation (EC) No 834/2007, Regulation (EC) No 889/2008 and Regulation (EC) No 1235/2008). Until the new Regulations are incorporated into the EEA Agreement, Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 remains in force for general organic production in Norway.


Date of Implementation: 


Regulation and/or Standard Scope: 

Due to the EEA-agreement, Norwegian food legislation is harmonized with the EU, and Norway is obliged to follow the EU legislation on the food and veterinary area.

Imported Products Requirements

Imported Products: 

Any food imported to Norway must comply with Norwegian food regulations. Due to the EEA-agreement, Norwegian food legislation is harmonized with the EU, and Norway is obliged to follow the EU legislation on the food and veterinary area.

Certification and Accreditation


All providers of organic products in Norway are certified by Debio. The Ø-label and import: The Ø-label can be applied to imported products that are certified by an accredited body in the country of origin, in accordance with regulations that correspond to Norwegian rules and regulations.


The Norwegian Food Safety Authority delegated to Debio the ability to run inspection with organic agriculture production, processing, distribution and import in Norway.

Additional Information

Reference Standards: 

The Norwegian standards for organic agriculture and for processing, trading and importing organic products conform with EU Council Regulations, IFOAM Basic Standards and the international Demeter Standards.

Additional Information: 

Food Safety Authority (FSA) has supervisory responsibility for organic agricultural production and processing, packing storage, import and translation of ecological agricultural products and food in the country. FSA is also responsible for the development of regulations for organic production, and participates in international efforts in this area. Among other things, representatives from the FSA participate in the EU Commission's Standing Committee for organic farming. FSA supervises Debio and process applications for exemption from the regulations. The Food Safety Authority is the main office that has the most national papers on the ecology of the area. Regional offices process applications for exemptions from regulations, and District offices will take care of the import permit.

Norway is on the EU's third country list.

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