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Organic Regulations and/or Standards

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The law defines the legal, economic, social and institutional framework of organic agriculture, requirements of cultivation, production, processing, certification, labeling, transportation, storage and marketing of organic products and raw materials. Ukrainian Organic Law directly bans use of words “organic”, “biodynamic”, “biological”, “ecological” or “bio-" prefix in the name of the products that are not produced according to organic standards. Imported products that have those words and prefixes in their names must be translated as “organic product” when Ukrainian label is attached.

Imported Products Requirements

Imported Products: 

Products which are certified in EU as organic are accepted in Ukraine as organic without additional certification. USDA’s Organic Export Certificate Form is not officially recognized in Ukraine and would not replace any other certificate required for import. “USDA Organic” logo will not qualify imported products as organic in Ukraine, despite organic certification equivalency agreement between EU and U.S. On the other hand EU’s “Green Leaf” logo on the product will allow for product placement on the organic shelf.

Additional Information

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Organic Federation of the Ukraine

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