Thursday, April 7, 2016

The 2016 New Zealand Organic Market Report from Organics Aotearoa New Zealand (OANZ) updates market trends for both the domestic market and organic exports from New Zealand. Supermarket sales of organic groceries are up 127 percent since 2012. Highlights from the executive summary of particular interest to US organic product exporters include:

  • Growth of the domestic market: The value of the domestic market for certified organic foods is valued at approximately NZ$217 million (UD$147.7 million), based on organic grocery sales through supermarkets of NZ$167 million, fruit and vegetable sales of NZ$25 million, and sales through speciality organic shops of NZ$25 million. Organic grocery sales through supermarkets have increased by 127% since 2012. Meanwhile, two out of three New Zealanders are buying organic products, including imports and non-foods, at least some of the time. Sustainable purchasing will continue to increase, especially among Millennials/Gen Y.
  • Organic brands are struggling to communicate their message in New Zealand: “Seven in 10 consumers, across all age groups, cannot name any brand or organization they consider as a leader in sustainability. There is a need to “unpack” organic certification for it to become meaningful, highlighting the fact that it covers multiple benefit areas, including free range, non-GMO/GE-free, natural ingredients, etc.”

1. Page 45 Second Paragraph – “Following a re-organisation in 2009” should have read “Following a re-organisation in 2011”.
2. Page 46 Fourth Paragraph – Certified Organic Infant Formula has never been produced in New Zealand.

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